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Innomerix is a leading speciality plastics company based in Melbourne, Australia. Our primary expertise lies in producing, developing and marketing speciality plastics for additive manufacturing, extrusion and injection moulding industries. 

We are the first Australian manufacturer of high performance composites, using innovative manufacturing technologies. At Innomerix, we make thermoplastic compounds using different additives and reinforcement materials, including synthetic fibres like Carbon, Kevlar and Glass.  

At Innomerix we are working on innovative methods for a better ecological footprint while driving towards novel sustainable high performance materials applicable for future manufacturing technologies like additive manufacturing (AM). The bio based reinforcement fibers like Hemp, Flax, Bamboo, Basalt and Jute are used in that regards. 

Nano composites is another area that Innomerix is performing at high level by incorporating Nano scale additives like Graphene, Carbon nanotubes and Clay in thermoplastics to make customised high performance materials. We focus on our customers’ requirements in order to drive progress and reliably provide innovative solutions. 

We focus on sustainability and responsibility in our business operations and they help us become an efficient and competitive company while also supporting social goals such as protecting the environment. Our products play a role in this as well by providing sustainable solutions in key areas such as electric mobility. 

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